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Backyard Sports Club in Virginia Beach

ByFrancis Walker

Jun 28, 2019

Backyard Sports Club is offering you an opportunity to learn and play Cornhole. We have several locations that will be hosting our Virginia Beach cornhole league play through Hampton Roads, VA.

How to play Cornhole.

This game needs two or four players onboard. The boards are typically set up by Backyard sports. Each of the players chooses a side. For four players, each team has a member pitching directly across from the other team member side. When there are only two players, the first thrower begins from the left side and walks across to the other board. From here, he/she can throw back from the right side. Now each team can pick their bags which come in fours for each group. Now the field is ready.

The two teams decide who is going to start. You will take turns throwing bags at the opponent. More precisely, the opponent throws the bag, and then you reciprocate in rounds. You should position yourself in such a way that you cannot cross the edge at the end of the board. Unless you decide otherwise, if you pass the boundary, it calls for a foul. As such, you get cornhole bags as a pelt. Again, the bag should not touch the ground when tossed. When hanging off the board, you can remove it. You will throw the bags until the last of the eight bags. After the tossing, you can count the scores. The one with the highest ratings begins the toss in the second round. Always take note of your throwing arm. Right-handed persons have a higher alignment with the opponent’s side when tossing from the left side. Use this to your advantage.

Again, throw the bags in different ways. A high toss with a spin helps clear the barricading bags. Additionally, this approach will not lead the opponent into the hole. On the other hand, low pitching forces the opponent’s bag from the board. Spinning your bag helps it land and slide directly into the hole.

Counting your scores

Now scoring is not a difficult task. But it is a game that you want to win. After throwing all the bags, every bag remaining on the table carries a point. The bags that go to the hole are worth 3 points each. Knowing this, you can add up all the scores for your team. Afterward, you can compare with those of your opponent and see who wins. The extra points that either of you gets to become cumulative. That is, you proceed to the next round with the difference as an addition to the overall score. In case of a tie, the player who began the throw tosses again. Who wins?

The team that gets an overall score of 21 points, and 2 points higher difference, wins the game. That will be for a game. But to win a match, you need to go through the same cycle twice. In addition to the first win, you need a second consecutive win to be the champion of the match.


Backyard Sports Club of Hampton Roads

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