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How to find the right hair extensions for you

ByFrancis Walker

Dec 17, 2017

Getting fuller, longer and more luscious hair is every woman’s dream, though it can be tiresome and near on impossible to achieve. This is where you bring in aid of hair extensions. By using these, you can get the red-carpet ready locks you’ve been longing for in no time, and with barely any fuss. The only thing to do is to find which type is best for you.


For these, your hair is split into horizontal sections, and the extensions are simply clipped in and then covered with the layer of hair above. They’re quick and simple to be put in and removed and are great for adding temporary length and volume if you have an event such as a wedding or party. However, for long-term wear, they can become uncomfortable and begin to cause slight damage to your hair.

These are sewn onto a tiny plait created under a section of your hair, and are more permanent than clip-ins. This method causes little to no damage, lasting for around 6-8 weeks. But be careful not to be too rough with sewn-in hair extensions as over styling can cause some of the hair to come loose, resulting in thinning.

Hot Fusion

Fusion extensions are a little more advanced. A heated keratin resin is used to bond hair extension strands to small sections of your hair. The heat used can cause damage, though the keratin resin is better than silicon-based glues used in other methods. They can last up to around three months if cared for, which is pretty impressive, and are virtually undetectable. As the strands attached are smaller than usual extensions, different shades can be used to tone hair, adding highlights or lowlights. Our hair salon can help you with this. .

Cold Fusion

These use the same idea as hot fusion, but replace the heat with ultrasound a wave which both sounds fancy and reduces damage to your hair. There is very little to complain about with cold fusion hair extensions, other than that they can take some time to be put in. However, as they last for around 4-6 months, it’s worth the wait.

Finding the right hair extensions can be tricky – balancing their permanence with the amount of damage and how easy they are to put in; that’s a lot to think about. Additionally, it is also important to get reviews – The reason why you need to get reviews of the different hair extensions out there is that they are all different and you want to know which ones will last and what the benefits of them are.

The final thing that you need to know about getting the best hair extensions possible is that you have to know what you are looking for. If you are thinking that you will be able to walk into a store and choose between 20 different hair extensions without even knowing anything about them then you are wrong, you need to do your homework beforehand. But once you find the type that suits you it’s worth it. Just make sure to care for them properly, and you’ll have gorgeous hair all year round.